Biggest Jackpot Winners Of Online Casinos

Biggest Jackpot Winners Of Online Casinos Image

The biggest jackpot winners of online casinos can give a lot of people reason to hope. They know that they are probably not going to be the people who win the jackpots at the Online Casino or similar online casino gaming websites. They are probably not going to be the people whose lives will be changed by these games. In all likelihood, the individual games that they play are not going to be the games that they remember. However, the biggest jackpot winners of online casinos still demonstrate that it is possible, and this sort of thing does happen to people at some point or another. It will certainly happen again for more people in the future.

Record Jackpot Win

So far, the world record for a slot machine victory stands at 17,861,800 Euros, which equates to 24 million dollars. The slot machine game in question was Mega Fortune for the people who are interested in trying their luck on the slot machine games that have managed to make other people very wealthy and successful. Finding the identity of the lucky winner from 2013 is difficult, but by all accounts, this was a man who was really not an enthusiastic or habitual gambler. People often feel as if they are going to be more likely to win the large jackpots the more often they play.

The number of trials does matter. People who are trying to get heads and tails in coin tosses are not going to get both if they only complete one coin toss. However, the odds are still close to fifty percent each time, and this will be the same case no matter how many trials are completed. The same thing applies to the jackpots that people are going to try to win. The people who win the jackpots really are phenomenally lucky.

The biggest jackpot winners of online casinos have made some exciting new victories in 2016, owing to the fact that a lot of people are able to play in the mobile age. On August 28, 2016, an unknown player was able to earn the single largest progressive jackpot that anyone managed to secure while playing on a mobile device, really managing to demonstrate the sheer power of mobile devices today. The prize was 7.9 million Euros.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

New Zealand resident Rawiri Pou is another recent jackpot winner with a story to tell. He managed to pocket an impressive jackpot on June 17, 2016. The jackpot totaled 7.41 million dollars. He was also a Mega Moolah player, which should show people that there is something of a pattern emerging when it comes to the people who play online casino slot games and who ultimately win at them.

Few players at the Wintingo Online Casino or similar websites are going to pocket sums of money that are this large. However, Jurassic Park’s new robot is almost upon us, and there is nothing stopping people from having a little bit of extra adrenaline-pumping fun along the way after a film like that is finished. The promise of money like this will only heighten the response.