How to choose the best casino in Las Vegas?

How to choose the best casino in Las Vegas? Image

It’s impossible to think of Las Vegas without the terms of casino and gambling immediately ringing in your head. Ever since gambling was made legal more than 80 years ago, this city in the middle of the Nevada desert strives and seems to become more and more glamorous with every year that passes. There are so many casinos in Las Vegas that it can be tricky for a visitor to identify and play at the best casino, however, that’s precisely the purpose of this article. To help those of you that are planning a first trip to Las Vegas and that is in search of the best casino in Vegas. In the rows below, you will be able to access a list of the best casinos and what makes them top choices.


Caesars Palace Casino – The Strip

One of the big classics and definitely a contender to the best casino title, Caesars Palace casino, managed to keep up with modern times and still attracts a lot of visitors every year. The casino is situated on the Strip which makes it easily accessible and the ideal place to stay if you are planning to visit the rest of Las Vegas as well. Caesars Palace is known for the upbeat atmosphere it offers and the high-limit games as well. It is equipped with state of the art technology when it comes to slots, blackjack tables, roulette and poker. Speaking of poker, the tables at the Caesars are equipped with Wi-Fi and charging USB ports so that players can enjoy the games even longer. If you’re more interested in sports betting, you can also do that inside the Caesars Palace since it comes equipped with 65 private booths where you can watch and bet on your favorite sports. It’s true, you won’t find any free spins no deposit no download at the Caesars Palace, however, everything else is available.

El Cortez Casino & Hotel – Downtown Las Vegas

Situated in Downtown Las Vegas, the El Cortez casino and hotel has a lot of history, being there long before the super-casinos and even the ATM machines. With such a long history behind it, El Cortez gathered a lot of great stories around it and, if you have the time to have a chat with some of the older staff, you will hear some of the best casino stories. Today, the vintage casino is appealing to those that want to relive and have a taste of how the Old Vegas looked and felt. Its authentic vibe along with some low-limit games make it a charming place and a must for every casino player out there.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino – The Strip

Just like Caesars Palace, the MGM first impresses visitors with its sheer size, offering gamblers more than 170000 square feet of various gambling facilities. A true mega-casino the MGM Casino is a haven for any player out there no matter if they prefer slots, roulette, poker, blackjack or craps, there’s plenty of everything inside the MGM. If you are looking for the best casino bonuses, this is the place for you. Also, the 5-star accommodation service makes it a perfect place for spending the holidays as you can easily access the casino from your suite and that way you manage to maximize your gambling time. The MGM is so big that some like to call it the small town in Las Vegas and if you are planning on a visit there, you need to make sure to have enough time to discover everything that what can be the best casino in Vegas, has to offer.



The Cosmopolitan – The Strip

Another contender for the best casino title, The Cosmopolitan welcomes casino players with a luxurious atmosphere, modern facilities, friendly dealers and tons of fun. The large glass that spreads from floor to ceiling at the Cosmopolitan offers a breathtaking view of the strip, and this 100000 square-foot casino really knows how to combine this spectacular view with some of the most appealing slots and table games Las Vegas has to offer. The gaming experience and atmosphere created by The Cosmopolitan is unique, and only by stepping on it and sitting at a table you can truly understand the feeling. Definitely a sensation that can’t be replicated playing slots online win real money from the comfort of your home.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino – The Strip

Yet another super-casino, the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel spreads on over 135000 square feet and is prepared to offer around 1700 slot machines, hundreds of blackjack, roulette and poker tables as well as other gambling facilities such as bingo or even sports betting. In that regard, it is equipped with an impressive 17-screen sports book area where you can bet on your favourite teams. This allows you to have one of the best casino experiences Las Vegas has to offer.


The Venetian – The Strip

The Venetian is the Las Vegas casino that does the best job of differentiating itself from the competition. With incredible architecture and impeccable service, the Venetian offers gamblers an unforgettable experience that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. Besides the stunning details and the luxury that clearly competes with what you can see in central Venetia, the Venetian has another huge advantage over other casinos on the strip: thanks to its size, you never have to worry about crowds or noise. You can just sit down and enjoy the perfect gambling experience.