Gambling Superstitions – Turn Them into Luck!

Gambling Superstitions – Turn Them into Luck! Image

Gambling Superstitions – turn it into Luck!

Gamblers all over the world tend to be some of the most superstitious people of all. Let’s face it: even the most sceptical among us will try any luck-bringing ritual or tradition we can, at least once. There are horoscopes, psychology, Feng shui, numerology and talismans in the form of jewellery, clothing or other objects. Some may even have their own personal rituals before a game. In the end, the idea is to have a positive influence on their luck and win the game. But is this a myth or is this real?

Many casinos have been analysing the success of such rituals. In particular, a memorable playing experience can affect each player in their belief in these superstitions. The results of a survey showed that more than 80% of all regular players are superstitious and have a certain ritual during a game. Some of these habits have even been transmitted from generation to generation, either to positively influence lady luck or to keep bad luck as far away as possible.

Most importantly, the goal is for the player has done everything they can to make a profit. Rituals, talismans and horoscopes can help to strengthen self-esteem and allow people to enter the game in a better frame of mind. The opinion of third parties is relatively irrelevant, as long as the player gets a positive result. Rituals and lucky charms are used in both land-based and online casinos after all, they are personal to the player – not the casino. Since there are dozens of forms of gambling, we have now brought together our favourites, which are even used by players worldwide on the online slots or table games. Most of them revolve around the behaviour in the casino, as well as preferences for numbers and colours. Perhaps you will also recognize some of these habits.

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Especially in Asia, the number 8 is considered to be linked with good fortune, since in Chinese, the character for “eight” resembles that of the character for “prosperity”. Numbers 6 and 9 are also positive. A combination of these two numbers with the 8 is often seen to bring good luck. The character for 4, on the other hand, promises nothing good because it resembles the sound of the word “death”. As in many cultures, the number 13 is avoided in casinos. It may be that the 13th floor in a casino hotel is missing or the corresponding rooms with this number are omitted. $50 bills are also considered unlucky. The origin of this is not clear, although it is alleged that when the gangster Bugsy Siegal was killed, he had three $50 bills on him. Many casinos will take $50 bills in but won’t give them out largely because the Asian Community also considers them unlucky.


In Asia, the colour red is a must for a visit to the casino and the absolute guarantee of good luck and success in the games. This ritual originates from Chinese migration and has also made its entry into the online gambling world. Red is worn as underwear, a handkerchief or a shirt. Red stands in Chinese for happiness and joy, which is what you are chasing when playing to win.

Casino etiquette is also very important as bad behaviour is also thought to bring bad luck. When visiting a casino, it is worth being mindful of the following behaviours as casino lore suggests that they may have an impact on your luck.

What You Should Avoid

  • Whistling or singing at the table is definitely not wanted and provokes the bad luck. It should therefore be avoided at all costs.
  • The crossing of the legs or the fingers, as well as the interlocking of the arms, supposedly keeps happiness away, and is thus not likely to be seen at land-based casinos
  • Giving money to other players is not a good sign and brings only bad luck.
  • It is also common to cover the screen of the slot or close the eyes while the machine is turning.

It is not just in gambling that there are superstitions or pre-game rituals, they exist in all walks of life. For example, many professional athletes have their own pre game rituals, actors have their own superstitions for both good and bad luck and so on. We all have our own beliefs and superstitions based on our local culture and experiences. How many do you have?