Get a feel for real online slots with Free Play

Get a feel for real online slots with Free Play Image

Want to get a feel for an online casino game without burning your hard-earned cash? Then free play is the way to go

  • Free play gives you first-hand experience of a game without any risk
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It can be quite daunting hitting an online casino for the first time especially when it is your own dollar you are going to be spending.

However, free play is a way to test many games without spending a penny to enable you to grasp the rules, feel and enjoyment factor of a chosen game to make sure you don’t get caught out wasting money when you could have been onto a winner.

We decided to have a look at why free play is such a great place to start and get a feel for an online casino game.

What exactly does free play mean?

Free play means exactly that, you can play a game either completely for free or a demo version of the game, so you can gain experience before hitting it for real.

Naturally, a free play option on a game means it is only for fun and any money or credits you accumulate are not actually yours to go out and spend.

A great place to start

The free play option is most commonly available on online slot games and this is a great place to start as quite often the various features and pay lines can be rather confusing.

If you have never played online slots before then we thoroughly recommend you give free play a go before investing your own money and always read the terms and conditions when playing for real.

Choosing the right game for you to play is also an important aspect of an online casino as it will determine whether you will come back or not as retention is vital.

But where free play really becomes a great option is in its degree of variation. Your ability to try out multiple games to find one that appeals to you, one that you can get to grips with, and most importantly one that you can win from, will make your decision to invest not only money, but time a worthwhile experience.

From land based casino to online casino

As well as free play slots, a lot of online casinos will allow you to play other games on a free play basis such as roulette and Blackjack.

Although the principals of the game are the same, do not fall into the pitfalls of thinking everything is a mirror image of playing the game at a land based casino.

Although you may have vast experience playing blackjack in a bricks and mortar casino, still give free play blackjack a go online if offered just to familiarise yourself with the betting methods and limits before putting your own money in as the online rules may differ slightly from what you are used to.

Free play fun

Free play is also a fun way to try games you never would have played before and it gives you a real chance to experiment.

So, try hitting the jackpots in demo mode and find a game you love and don’t forget, you can check out Casinopedia’s free play slots and reviews, they list hundreds of titles.

Good luck and enjoy