How to Choose a Slot Machine

How to Choose a Slot Machine Image

In the online gaming and gambling industry, today there are thousands of all kinds of different slot machines. As much as a laic would think that they are all almost the same, they do differentiate in many ways.   

The most common are the classic five-reel machines. There is no a right way of how to split them by some parameters. Many countries have their own categorization by certain standards such as the stake customization or the highest possible prize. In the UK, there are eight types of online slots (A, B1, B2, B3, B3A, B4, C, and D), and they are defined by the stakes and prizes offered as can be seen in this UK online slots site. Some other countries do their categorization by other game parameters. Therefore, if you are a newbie, how to pick the right casino machine? Here is an explanation.

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How to Pick the Right One?

Before you choose the right game, there are some questions you must ask yourself:

  •    What is my favorite game type (think of different themes, styles, graphic, and so on)?
  •    Do I want to aim for multi million prizes or want to wager on low-risk machines?
  •    What is my starting budget – how much can I allow myself to waste?
  •    Do I prefer a gameplay with bonus levels and awards coming in the form of free spins, multipliers, and more?
  •    How high are the winning odds (RTP, house edge, etc.)?

Slot Machine Types and Themes

A gambler can choose between a wide variety of online casino games these days – classic, old school, modern, spooky, goofy, 3D, no limit, etc. – many of which can be found on PrimeSlots’ online casino slots. Just decide what your favorite theme is. If you have a favorite movie, the chances are high that you’ll find the machine depicting its story.

If a gamester wants the highest number of win combos, many slots offer 25, 50, 100 or more adjustable paylines (even up to 720) for the maximum number of scoring combinations. All casino machines can be divided as those of low, medium, or high volatility. This represents the risk limit for every casino machine. Slots with low volatility have the lowest risk chances for losing money, so if you have a limited amount for gambling, this type of product is the right one for you.

Possible Prize Choice

The player’s choice should also be based on the awards that he can obtain while playing. Some slots have the “Progressive jackpot” awards which are accumulating until won. This is the goal of every bettor in the world of gaming, so if you are interested in some mega prizes, be sure to pick the game that has the progressive ones.

Playing Budget

The wager is an important issue for all players. Most of the slots possess the adjustable playing tools; hence a gambler can modify the stakes from the minimum amount to the highest bet value. If you have a modest budget, don’t aim for risky machines.

Special Features/Bonus Rewards

The features are maybe the most important thing in choosing a favourite slot. There is nothing better that can attract gamblers than free spins and bonus cash. These kinds of products can provide you more winning chances, especially if there are some skill-based bonus games played manually.

Winning Chances

All games have their own RTP or the “theoretical return to player” percentage. It represents the possible return score counted over a long-term period. The higher the RTP is for some machine, the higher are the winning chances. The average RTP for virtual casino games is somewhere between 83% and 90%.

Decision Time

To choose the right type of slot, a gamer has to take into account all of the parameters mentioned above. There is no an actual rule for the best choice. Some offerings are just better based on their features, some have better visual effects, and some are just straightforward and easy to play. Choosing the right game can make a difference between losing and scoring, so choose wisely!