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You remember when you first start doing something, and you make a bunch of mistakes before you figure out the right way to do it? It is the same with online betting, but thanks to Nostrabet, you can perfect your skills more quickly. The experienced betters best realize the troubles that newcomers to the online gambling world have. That is why they formed a team and created a website that provides all the information you need to start wagering.

Betting Reviews and Comparisons

Before you start placing bets, you need to choose a gaming provider. There are literally thousands of them online, which is why this website selected only what they consider the top-rated bookmakers. You will still have a vast choice since there is more than a dozen of them, but to make the process easier, there is an extensive review of every bookie listed on the site. Some of the names are recognizable worldwide while others are relatively new companies with huge ambition that already established a reputable image in the betting world.

If you are not sure which provider to select, how about comparing their most important features? Just head to the “Comparison” page and check out the table with vital details about multiple bookmakers chosen. Aside from seeing if it is available in your country, you can also compare bonuses, minimum deposits, available markets, extra gambling options, and check out the list of available currencies and cash-out methods. The platform won’t recommend a particular bookmaker, but this is an excellent way of identifying who has the most attractive features for your needs.

Take Advantage of Mobile Betting

Did you know that you can place bets via smartphones and portable devices? There are two options at your disposal:

  • Downloading an app–the majority of gaming platforms has a free downloadable app for both Android and iOS.
  • Accessing a mobile-friendly website – the platform is optimized for compact screens when you access it by using your phone.

Nostrabet has an entire section dedicated to mobile betting. If you ever wanted to know what are its advantages and what services do particular bookmakers offer for portable devices, take a look at this page.

A Page Dedicated to Casino Lovers

Sports betting is only a part of the gambling industry, and online casinos also attract a huge amount of attention of players worldwide. If you would like to test yourself at various casino games, such as slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and even live sessions, you should first get familiar with all the details related to online gambling.

For starters, you would want to pick a top-rated platform for your needs. In case you are not sure how to do that, this website has you covered. Apart from tips on picking the desired casino, you will also learn about the most popular games available, as well as bonuses and potential life-changing jackpots that you can win. There is also a subsection dedicated to the difference between land-based and online casinos, as well as answers to questions that players might have.


Nostrabet is a platform that tries and succeeds to deliver it all to both players that are only entering the online gaming world and those looking to migrate to another website with more tempting bonus deals and promotions. The website is available in both English and Bulgarian and, in case you are familiar with the latter, you can read a detailed prognosis of football matches and other sports events scheduled in the near future. The English version, on the other hand, offers a detailed overview of the top-rated betting websites currently in the market, as well as a comprehensive guide on mobile wagering and online casinos.