Online casino safety and security

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When it comes to safety and security in the online casino world, the truth is that it can be a dangerous place. Particularly as the world advances and faces ever-growing and complex issues with cybercrime and so forth. You should never be too careful.

The online casino industry is thriving. The industry is worth billions of dollars and online casinos are among the most popular forms of gaming worldwide. It is no wonder that the industry is a prime target for online criminals and hackers.

You could argue that advances in technology and security measures in general should be continuously ensuring that online casinos are becoming more and more well protected. However, it is not only online casinos who have the means to get their hands on this technology. Online criminals are always advancing their own techniques in order to get around the safety measures which are being built. It is a never ending war as well as an arms race to find better and better computer hacking and security hardware.

The key question in all of this being – is online casino gaming safe?

It is obviously impossible to give an answer that is 100% factual to this question. Unless you live in a bubble, you are never 100% safe from anything. What you can do though is arm yourself with the tools in which to make yourself as safe as possible from any unnecessary chaos in your life.

There are ways in which to ensure that it is less likely that you will be a victim of cybercrime whilst you are playing at online casinos. Cybercrime can consist of having your personal and financial details stolen, it can also occur from fraudulent casino sites pretending to be legitimate ones.

The following guidelines will help you sharpen your mind so that you will know what to look out for when it comes to defending yourself against cybercrime.

Choose online casinos which are safe to play on

Many victims of cybercriminals in the online casino world are targeted because they fail to thoroughly check the online casino they are signing up to. More often than not, online casino players, especially first time players, perform zero checks on the casino they are depositing their money to.

Sometimes it can be the case that the casino you are signing up to is perfectly legitimate. But at the same time the casino could have cut corners when it comes to the security of their players. This is another circumstance where the online criminals can hit you.

Other times it can be that the actual casino that you are signing up to that is a fraudulent one. Maybe you deposit and win big and then they refuse to pay out your winnings. Perhaps you make a big deposit and then they decide to take your money and log you out of your account. Yes, these things do happen.

Of course, it is understandable for you to be thinking: “I have no idea what checks I should be making” therefore the easiest way to ensure that you don’t sign up to any fraudulent online casinos is by sticking to the big name brand casinos. Also, take your time to consult as many online casino reviews and recommendations as necessary. This way you can figure out which online casinos are the best ones for you. Online casino reviews will inform you of the safety features of each of the casinos that they have reviewed, so you can be 100% sure on exactly how trustworthy they are.

Always log out of your account

This is an easy rule to remember and one of the most important ones, especially if you play at an online casino via your mobile phone. If you lose or misplace your mobile phone at some point, imagine how easy it would be for someone to go into your casino account and transfer your money into their own bank account if they don’t even need to log into your online casino account. Not to mention what else they could do with your personal and private details. So always log out!

In addition, you should always use strong passwords and if you can, change them regularly. Using the autofill feature for payment details is also a very risky thing to do. It may save you several seconds every time you login to your account, but it could lose you several thousand pounds if your device ever comes into the hands of a malevolent human.

Use your own secure and private internet connection

Never ever gamble online if you are playing on a public connection. First and foremost, public internet connections are exactly what they say they are – public. This means that anyone has access to the network which automatically makes it unreliable for you to use.

Secondly, if the connection speed isn’t reliable – many public connections most definitely are not reliable – and you encounter any technical difficulties whatsoever that rob you of a potential jackpot, telling the online casino that you are playing at that you were playing on a bad connection isn’t going to work as an excuse.

If you do not have access to an internet connection that is not private nor is 100% reliable in terms of connection, then it is not worth the risk to gamble with. Never gamble with a public internet connection, the risks are just too great.

Look out for watchful eyes

Criminals are opportunists and are constantly on the lookout for vulnerable people as well as vulnerable bank accounts. Again, from a mobile phone point of view, if you are out and about and you are signing up to an online casino, you need to ensure that nobody is secretly and stealthily looking at your mobile phone screen.

This is extremely simple advice but you would be surprised how many people ignore the most basic and simple things that can be done to protect themselves. Stick to these rules and you should have no problem enjoying your online casino experience.