Paved With Hoofprints: 9 Things You Should Know Before Going To Belmont Stakes

Paved With Hoofprints: 9 Things You Should Know Before Going To Belmont Stakes Image

On June 9, 2019, comes the third leg of the Triple Crown series in all horse racing tournament. This is popularly known as the Belmont Stakes which showcases a Grade 1 American thoroughbred horse racers.  

Moreover, the Belmont Stakes is usually graced by a 1.5-mile horse racing distance around the Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. This racing tournament is most likely to be attended by mostly three-year-old thoroughbreds.

Hence, as the Belmont Stakes’ about the commence on the start of the third quarter of this year, a lot of racing fans have been looking forward for Justify to earn a historic 13th Triple Crown title holder. So, before you go ahead and witness this grandest event, let’s take a look at to some things that you need to prepare and know before you go.

The Triple Crown Is Always A Big Deal

In any given horse racing event, it is inevitable that winning is a difficult task because of the various competitive entries you might encounter. Bear in mind that if horse racer makes it to Kentucky, Preakness, and finally the Belmont Stakes, it denotes a biggest winning history record.

Also, be reminded that only three-year-old horses are allowed to run which deems a once in a lifetime opportunity and chance for horse racing enthusiast. As the newest edition of Belmont Stakes is right on the corner of being commemorated, Justify the current winner will try to do his best in earning the Triple Crown title this year.

A  Home Court Advantage for Justify Team

One of the best things that Baffert boasts about when it comes to his horse racers is his ability to train legendary horses which can really emerge as big winners and title holders. In this case, Baffert believed that he trained all his winning horses in Belmont Stakes, he feels that this is his home court advantage for all his horse racers.

Justify Will Face A Serious Competition in Belmont

According to some horse racing experts, Justify will surely be one of the most favourite bets to win the Triple Crown in Belmont this year. On the other hand, as he goes along and takes the competition, he will be facing a tough job because he’ll be running toward courageous opponents like Bravazo which ranked second to Justify in Preakness.

Belmont Stakes Will Be On Its 150th Edition

It’s about a century and a half since the very first Belmont Stakes tournament had been celebrated. It was in 2018 that the said tournament graced its 150th anniversary. Alongside with the festive celebration on the Belmont Stakes last year, the competition was heated up because of tough, historical, and competitive horses joined the race.

Tickets Are Still Available

According to the last data presented by the Belmont Stakes organization, last year’s attendance had reached an approximate number of around 90, 000 horse racing fans. Also, reserved seats are no longer available; however, you still have the chance to witness the grand racing event because General Admission Tickets are still available.

Don’t Forget Your Appetite

The Belmont Stakes is not only an amazing horse racing show but also a presentation of sumptuous cuisine and numerous dining options If you are a horse racing fan and at the same time a food lover, you might want to prepare a bigger appetite for mouth-watering foods you will see and taste during the tournament.

Dress Up For Belmont And Win Awesome Prizes


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If you are looking forward to the upcoming Belmont Stakes and a person that has a sense great of style, then this is the proper venue to show off your personality. Belmont Stakes organization will award horse racing fans who will dress-up greatly during the tournament and they’ll award a Longines prize watch.

Belmont Is A Home Of Delicious Signature Cocktails

If Preakness has Black-Eyed Susan, Mint Julep is for Kentucky Derby, then Jewel is the most popular blend of cocktail for Belmont Stakes. This is composed of ingredients like pomegranate juice, orange zest, and bourbon blend. This will be available during the Belmont Stakes tournament and make sure you won’t miss this out once you’re there.

You Don’t Have To Drive

The Belmont Park which is the usual setting of the event is accessible by public transportation. You don’t need to drive because trains and buses are available to be able to reach the Belmont Park easily.


Generally, the Belmont Stakes is one of the grandest horse racing events that will surely be attended by a large number of crowd. Bear in mind that this is the third leg of the Triple Crown series and it where you will find out who’s going to get the coveted Triple Crown title.

Hence, whether you are a first-time attendee or an avid horse racing fan, your ability to know the things before you attend the Belmont Stakes will surely make your experience worth remembering.