Winning and Losing Streaks – How to Recognise Them

Winning and Losing Streaks - How to Recognise Them Image

Gamers understand too well that there is nothing usually set in black and white as they go about their gaming activities. While everyone sets on a journey to make pure profits from the gambling activities, there are times when the stars do not align in your favour. These are the times when you start experiencing consequent losses.
As a smart player, it is important to know how to recognize winning and losing streaks so that you are always on top of your game. This is regardless of the gaming platform where you are playing at which can be anywhere including Below you get a chance to know essential information about both types of streaks.

How to Know You Are on a Winning Streak

Winning streaks are a dream come true for all players. When they happen, you feel as though the “gods” are smiling at you as you win the game after the game, making your bank balance a lot fatter. The dilemma in such a situation is whether to continue placing your real money bets or just be content with what you have won so far. In most cases, it is best to continue placing bets if you are on a consecutive winning streak.

The trick is, however, to make sure that you do not touch your deposit money and some of the profits. This is ideal if you want to play safe because it means that even if you end up losing, you will still have some winnings to take home. At the same time, you will also have the cash to place wagers during the next gaming session.

In regards to winning streaks, it is always wise to follow your intuition which is not supposed to be confused with greed as it will always lead you to make the proper decisions. Keep in mind that casinos also have to win so that they can stay in business. This implies that it may not be possible to experience winning streaks at all times: thus, you should know the times to just sit back and enjoy your winnings as you wait for another chance to make some big bucks.

Playing in an authentic casino means that the winning streaks are as a result of randomness, and not interference by the casino operators confirming that they are actual events. You must always stick to a sensible plan when betting as this is the only way you are going to stay sane while participating in gaming.

Identifying a Losing Streak

There is nothing pleasant about losing money. It does not matter if you have been playing for years or it is your first week in the game. The sad part is that losing streaks are unavoidable and there are no exceptions because they are part of the game. There is also no universal definition for a losing streak. For one player, it would mean making five successive loses while others it may be ten or less.

While experiencing a losing streak, it is crucial to know the time to stop so that you do not end up with an account balance that reads zero. Stopping, in this case, does not usually mean quitting altogether. It is just giving yourself some space and time to re-strategize so that you can get back in stronger to reverse the “ill luck” of losing. Some of the coping mechanisms you can work with include:

  • Using less money to place wagers – Players need to have a betting budget that they stick with each day or the days when they want to try their luck at winning the games. If you see that no wins are coming forth after playing a couple of games, save your profits by making smaller size bets. If this does not work take a break and come back and fight some other day.
  • Stay positive – Losing streaks can make you lose confidence. Even though it is a trying time, it is important to maintain a winning attitude by focusing on positive thoughts.

Both winning and losing streaks are very common in all types of gambling games. You need to find the perfect balance between these so that even if you are losing, you still take home decent winnings at the end of the day.