Interesting Online Casino Facts & Myths

Interesting Online Casino Facts & Myths Image

This article busts some of most common myths about online casino. Despite the millions of online gambling players around the world, online casinos tend to get bad rep, even though online gambling has been around for almost two decades, a few negative advertisements continue to hold many players from tapping into this exciting platform. Here are some of most popular and interesting facts and myths about the online casinos:

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Myths #1: Online Casinos Won’t Pay-out

Fact: Online casino industry is governed by set of rules and regulation just like any other online or offline business. But there are some scammy online casinos websites exist same as any other online shopping, craigslist, tech support and other internet based practices. However, if you find a reputable online casino, you will find that they do pay out player’s winnings. Here are few red flags you can watch out before investing in any online casino:

  • No option for secure payment methods i.e. PayPal.
  • Bad user reviews or no reviews.
  • Asks for personal information
  • No licencing
  • No physical address

Myths #2: Gambling Online is illegal

Fact: Online gambling is 100% legal in fact millions of player around the world enjoy gambling online. But you need to keep in mind that some states or countries may have different set of rules and regulations.

Myths #3: Online Casino allegedly use special software when someone has won big

Fact: This kind of software doesn’t exist, for clearer picture keep in mind that online casino operator, a software owner and a pokie vender are three separate entities each having different roles, businesses and responsibilities, so there is no way that it can be fixed.

Myths #4: Online gambling promotes addictive behaviours

Fact: Online gambling promotes addictive behaviour than traditional gambling method is completely false. In fact, many online casinos provide education and resources that promote safe gambling practices. If you feel that you are addicted to online gambling than most of the reputable websites provide user ability to self-test which can help you determine if you have any addiction.

Myths #5: The odds of winning go up when playing fullest

Fact: On online casino websites a random number generator doesn’t keep tab about the amount you spent per spin, it randomly picks the digit without taking your bets into account.

Myths #6: Slot machine that hit the jackpot, will not hit again for a long time

Fact: This is completely false as numbers are picked randomly by the machine.

Myths #7: Slot machines are designed in such a way that payout percentage outcome of any spin is not random

Fact: In online and traditional both pokies, the reel stop position and character displayed after stop determined randomly.

Myths #8: Online gambling promotes and funds terrorism

Fact: This is the most extreme myth about online gambling, in reality there is no factual evidence that online casinos are connected directly or indirectly to any terrorist organisation. Online casinos are run by business corporations that are publicly traded and required by law to be transparent about their operations.