Aliens™ is a branded video slot from NetEnt who are one of the most well-known games providers for the online casino industry. In association with 20th Century Fox, the Aliens Video Slot will instantly immerse you back into the Alien World created by James Cameron in the film Aliens™. The game offers 3D graphics, 3 levels, Wild substitutions, re-spins and collectable multipliers and you can play online or on a mobile device.

The game is a 5-reel, 3-row, 15-payline video slot with the ultimate aim to kill the Alien Queen and destroy the Hive. You can play from 15p a spin up to £150 a spin if you wish and the biggest payout you can win is 570.000 coins, or £570.000 when you make a maximum bet.

As you play the game with the eerie music and sound effects you are given a tense time as you spin the reels and scan the infested premises for Alien activity. You will find yourself having to shoot through waves of Alien attacks. The game offers Wild symbols which substitute for the highest possible winning combination on a bet-line, giving you more chances to win.

The game itself is highly polished and is a great representation of the film it is based on. The graphics are visually superb, along with the animations that appear when a winning combination is achieved. The sound adds to the effect and helps fully engross you in what is a thoroughly entertaining video slot.

Aliens Video Slot - Online Slot

How to play Aliens Slot

When you play the Aliens Online Slot for the first time it may be best to play in free play mode at an online casino that offers this facility such as the Rizk Casino. You can then get familiar with how the game plays before spending your own hard earned cash. You can also check out the paytable by selecting the information button on the left-hand side of the game.

Once you have set your preferred stake of between 1p and £1 per pay line you can start playing the Aliens Video Slot by pressing the large arrow button in the lower middle of the slot. You can also set auto-play if you wish up to 1000 spins and you can also quickly spin at the maximum by selecting the max button.

You can adjust various settings for the game to suit, using the spanner icon on the Video Slot. You can remove the intro from the game and also the animations. You can turn off the sound and effects and lower the graphics. However, if the device you are playing the game on allows you to play with all the settings, you will get the best gameplay experience possible.

Initially, you will be playing at level 1 which is ‘The Search’. As you play you will be aiming to fill the activity meter at the top of the Aliens Video Slot. There are 9 slots in total and by filling these you will progress to level 2. The activity meter fills as you achieve wins and these will also give you multipliers depending on the symbols that are matched. On each additional spin, if you do not win then the meter will decline slowly. On further wins, it will continue to increase. Once you fill the meter you will progress to level 2 which is the ‘Encounter’.

To help you reach level 2, the Wild symbols which can appear on any of the 5 reels, substitute for the highest possible winning combination on a bet line according to the PAYTABLE.

Once you are on level 2, you will find yourself fighting your way through a corridor to reach the Queen’s Hive! The multiplier symbols you achieved in level 1 will appear in a row on the first 3 reels. You will need to work your way through them all one at a time and hopefully pick up ammo clips on the way. These basically give you another spin. You must again fill the top activity meter to move on to level 3 at which point you must attempt to kill the Alien Queen and destroy the Hive.

Aliens Slot Tips

You will find that the Aliens Video Slot from NetEnt is a widely available game at many online casinos such Rizk Casino as we mentioned earlier. It is a popular slot and you can generally find that any free casino cash from a welcome bonus or other deposit bonus can be used to play this game.

If you are looking to turn over a casino bonus to be able to make withdrawals of the bonus itself or winnings, then Aliens is a good game to use for this. This video slot pays out small to medium wins more often than any big cash prizes, so you will be turning over the bonus cash quicker.

On saying this, if you manage to get through all three levels there is a potential £570,000 to be won which is more than enough to keep you interested. Although the graphics, sound and gameplay make this an enjoyable game, that enjoyment can diminish as completing level three can be quite hard. Therefore do not expect the top prize to come easy.

AliensOnline Video Slot

Is Aliens the right slot for you?

Aliens is a low to medium variance game that has a theoretical house edge of 3.6% giving an RTP (return to player) of 96.4% over a long term of play. If you like branded video slots especially where there is a lot going on then Aliens can be an exciting video slot to play.

For new players, it may be just a bit much when you initially start to play as it can take a while to understand what you actually have to do. However, once you become familiar with the gameplay the enjoyment level increases. You will then enjoy even more the atmospheric feel to the game as it fits in so well to the Alien Universe created in the film of the same name.

Although not to everyone’s liking due to its specific theme, the Aliens Video Slot does offer a good level of recurring wins and as mentioned earlier makes it a good choice for playing through bonus awards, without directly looking to hit the big time with a jackpot win.

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