Spiñata Grande

Launched in March 2015 the Spiñata Grande™ video slot is another online slot from the well-known game developer NetEnt. It is designed to be a fiesta of fun with candy, confetti and spinning piñatas. The game is a 5-reel, 4-row, 40-line video slot with a top jackpot prize of 120,000 coins.

As well as the fun-filled experience of normal gameplay you are treated to plenty of festive features. These include Colossal symbols, a Mini-Slot feature and a Colossal Wild in Free Spins. Within these features, you even get to experience a mini-slot game that awards coins and free spins.

Spinata Grande Video Slot

How to play Spiñata Grande™ Video Slot

Following a very brief video intro to the game, you will see a splash screen that gives an overview of the key features of this online slot. You can wait a few moments and the game screen will load or you can select the continue button. You can disable this intro in the settings of the game so you don’t have to view it each time you play.

Before you join in the Fiesta of Fun that is Spiñata Grande™ you should set your cost per spin. You do this by using the ‘Coin Value’ and ‘Bet Level’ buttons towards the bottom of the game screen. There are 7 coin levels which are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 and 1.00. You also have a total of 10 bet levels. By using these options you can set the minimum cost to spin the reels at 20p and the maximum at £200 if you fancy being a high roller. We always recommend that before you play that the level you set as your cost per spin is one that you are comfortable with.

The reels of the game sit on an animated background of a Mexican town ready to party, with balloons floating into the air, cars driving by and the odd sombrero hat passing by the bottom of the screen. As we have come to expect from NetEnt the level of detail and quality of the styling of the game is extremely high. Besides the standard card symbols of 10, J, Q, K and A you have four different piñatas and all have various sizes. You can have symbols that cover 2×2 slots and 3×3 slots. You also have Free Spins symbols, Colossal Wild symbols and the Colossal Bonus Symbol which are activated in the mini-slot game.

To spin the reels you just need to select the green button with the rotating arrows at the very centre of the bottom part of the game screen. Next to the spin button you also have a ‘Max Bet’ button and an ‘Auto Play’ button. Clicking the Max Bet will spin the reels at level 10 based on your current coin value. Choosing the Auto Play feature gives you the option to have the game spin the reels automatically. You can set the number of spins from 10 up to 1000 spins.

When you spin the reels you will see symbols of various sizes fly by as they include the colossal images mentioned earlier. These count towards your matching symbols within win lines. The main feature is the Mini-Slot which every now and again you hear wizz past. If it lands with any part in view then the sections shown will become the mini slot and spin. If you manage to get the mini-slot in full view then it will cover a 3×3 grid.

It is only during the mini-slot game that you will have the chance to win free spins if you land 3 free spins symbols. You will then get 5 free spins with the chance of more if a free spin +1 symbol appears. It is also only during the free spins that you can also land the colossal 3×3 Wild symbol. Apart from trying for the Mini-Slot, you will only be spinning the reels for the standard coin prizes based on your bet level.

Spiñata Grande™ Video Slot Tips

You will find at the bottom of the game on the left, there are several options including a question mark, auto button, volume control and settings. The question mark gives you fairly in-depth information about the game including rules and game functions.The settings allow you to set your spacebar on a PC as the action for activating a spin. You can also set the game to quick spin, remove the intro screens, set the graphic levels and more.

You will also see on the far left of the screen an ‘i’ symbol. Selecting this will allow you to view a series of 6 screens that give information on each of the features already discussed. You can also view the coin payout levels for each of the symbols along with a grid view of each of the winning combinations. These screens are useful to help you familiarise yourself with the game.

Before you begin to play Spiñata Grande™, it can be best to try it out in Freeplay mode first, especially if you have never experienced the game before. This will give you the chance to learn how it works and familiarise yourself with the features. At any time, you can switch to real play mode. If you would like to try out the Spiñata Grande™ Video Slot in demo mode first then you can at RedBet Casino and Casino Luck.

Spinata Grande online slot by NetEnt

Is Spiñata Grande™ the right video slot for you?

Spiñata Grande™ Video Slot has a theoretical RTP (return to player) of 96.84% giving a house edge of 3.16%. This is a good RTP although in our test of the game it did not feel that it was producing wins quite as many times as you would expect with such an RTP.

Looking at the overall jackpot prize of 120,000 coins and the difference between the coin value for 4 symbols to 5 symbols, it would indicate a low variance online slot. However, our gameplay would put this more of a medium variance game. From a test of 200 spins at a cost per spin of £1, it took until over 160 spins before we got the Mini-Slot feature and that was only 6 of the possible 9 tiles available. No free spins symbols appeared nor the colossal wild. The result was a cash prize of £11.

The overall gameplay without hitting the mini-slot makes for a standard game of spinning reels and just waiting for 3 or more to match in a pay line. Subject to your bet level this meant that wins were quite small in nature. We also hit a few dry spells with up to 12 spins before a win coming in. If you are looking to turn over a free casino bonus and meet wagering requirements then be aware that with only one main feature in the basic game, the Spiñata Grande™ Video Slot may not be the best choice compared to the likes of Hooks Heroes which is also by NetEnt.

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