Silent Run

Silent Run is a naval-based slot that puts you in the position of a submarine commander. In this NetEnt video slot, you’ll be tasked with avoiding depth charges and mines as you spin the reels and try to sink battleships.

Silent Run - Paytable

How To Play Silent Run Slot

Before diving into this online slot it’s a good idea to learn how the special features work. Click ‘Paytable’ beneath the leftmost reel to see the mappings for each bet line and values of each prize symbol.

You’ll see that the submarine is the most valuable symbol and is worth 1,000 coins for 5 in a row on any bet line. Bet line wins pay if in succession from leftmost to right. Wild symbols are denoted by a warning light and substitute for all other symbols apart from echo bonus and echo wild symbols. The echo wild is a red sonar screen and can appear anywhere on reel 3. It will send out 3 sonar signals to search the reels for hidden wilds.

The echo bonus is a green sonar screen and can also appear on reel 3 only. The symbol sends out three signals, searching the reels for torpedoes. There are between 2 and 5 torpedoes available and once found you will enter the bonus game. In the bonus game, you will be looking through a periscope at a fleet of 5 ships. Fire your torpedoes to sink the ships and claim extra coins. Your win is multiplied by the multiplier that is attached to each torpedo and will increase after every hit until the torpedoes run out. Once you have used all of your torpedoes, the coins will be added to your balance and you will return to the base game.

As the bet lines in this game are fixed, there are only two adjustments to make before spinning the reels. Use the sliders or arrows to set your bet level and coin value, remembering that the overall cost per spin will also be affected by the number of bet lines. For example; a coin value of 0.02 at bet level 2 will cost 1.00 per spin (0.02 x 2 = 0.04 x 25 bet lines = 1.00). The Max Bet button will automatically set the bet level to 10 and initiate a spin, so be sure to set the coin value first as the cost per spin will be 200 times the coin value displayed.

You can change in-game preferences via four icons in the bottom-left of the screen. The spanner allows you to toggle the use of intro screens, quick spin, ambient sound, sound effects and spacebar spin along with options to reduce the quality of graphics to improve performance. Volume is controlled with the speaker and the question mark opens up a help menu. The Auto button allows you to customise the auto spin feature to your desired settings.

Click the green button with white arrows or use the Autoplay feature to begin playing Silent Run video slot. You can execute a skill stop by clicking the spin button again while the reels are still in motion.

Silent Run Slot Tips

Silent Run online slot is a popular game that can be found at a host of NetEnt casino operators such as Betsafe Casino and Slotty Vegas. You won’t see it featured in any welcome packages and it’s not a good choice for meeting the wagering requirements of an online casino bonus. This is because it’s a high-risk game to play that offers a handful of small wins and the occasional big payout.

The jackpot payout of 1,000 coins may not sound like much but the use of echo wilds mean that multiple winning bet lines can be formed alongside this too. It’s not a game that is going to give you a life-changing win but you can get some nice returns. The bonus game is good for mid-sized wins and if you’re lucky enough to hit a 2,500 coin win with the 10x multiplier then you’ll be laughing your way to the bank.

Silent Run - Video Slot

Is Silent Run The Right Slot For You?

Silent run slot is a high variance game that can just as easily put a dent in your bankroll as give you a nice win. The RTP is 96.1% which gives the casino a house edge of 3.9%. This is good yet not remarkable for an online slot but does allow for a fair stab at a good prize. Just like being a submariner on the hunt for enemy ships, you will need patience to play this game.

Aside from winning, the main attraction of this game is the suspense. Every now and then the centre reel will spin on for longer to increase the tension. If one of the echo symbols come into play it’s really exciting as you wait to see how many wilds or torpedoes are uncovered. The bonus game really breaks up the play and is good fun to be involved in too.

Anyone with a vague interest in the military is bound to love this game and it’s bonus round. It’s a more modern game than NetEnt’s Pacific Attack but has a similar feel to the way it plays while the bonus game does seem to be that bit more rewarding.

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