Flowers is a lighthearted and easygoing online slot by top software company NetEnt. As the name suggests, it has a floral theme with numerous cartoon plants that can help your wins to ‘grow’. It’s a well-crafted game with some clever features that looks good on desktop and even better on mobile.

A special feature that really sets this slot apart from the crowd is the use of double symbols. These effectively count for two standard symbols, so you can make a winning line by combining a double symbol with a corresponding single symbol. It also means that it’s possible to get up to 10 winning symbols on a single bet line. On top of this, there are wilds that make more winning combinations possible and scatter symbols that act as a bet multiplier and combine to award differing rounds of free spins with triple wins. There are also stacked wilds that can appear during free spins for a chance at even bigger wins.

Flowers is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 30 adjustable bet lines. The bet level can be altered from 1-5 and coin values range from 0.01-0.50. This enables you to play from as little as 30p or as much as £75 per spin with all bet lines active. You can win up to 75,000 coins on Flowers, which is equal to £187,500 when playing at the game’s highest bet limits.

Given the theme of the game, it’s no surprise that the reels are covered in various flowers. There are roses, sunflowers, venus fly traps, tulips and blue bells. Each flower has a different facial expression, giving them real character. You’ll also see the sun and clouds and the reels appear to be set in some kind of planter with blue skies in the background. The chirping of birds and occasional ‘growing’ noise forms the ambience. Each spin is started with the glissando of a xylophone and winning paylines are highlighted with a celebratory ditty.

Flowers - paytable

How To Play Flowers Slot

It’s always best to take a moment to review the prize symbols and mappings for each payline before you play slots online. Click on ‘Paytable’ beneath the leftmost reel to learn about the game’s different features.

You’ll notice that the standard symbols pay out for combinations of up to 10, rather than 5. This is because the double symbols count as 2 standard symbols. The grumpy red rose pays best of the regular symbols at 2,000 coins for 10 in a row on any active bet line. Bet lines win if the winning symbols are in succession from leftmost to right.

Wild symbols are represented by the sun and substitute for all symbols apart from free spins and double symbols. Get 5 of these in a row on an active bet line for the jackpot payout of 5,000 coins. During free spins, stacked wild symbols can appear on the reels, making additional bet line wins possible.

The scatter symbols are denoted by a cloud icon that is titled ‘free spins’. These can also come as a double and can combine anywhere on the reels, so do not need to be on the same bet line. 3 or more scatter symbols will pay a multiplier to your overall bet for that spin, up to 10x for 8 symbols. Get 4 or more to unlock the free spins, with up to 30 free spins available for 8 scatter symbols. It’s possible to win further free spins during the free spins game and all free spin winnings are paid with a 3x multiplier.

Setting up the game is no hassle at all and takes a matter of seconds. You can use sliders or arrows to set the amount of bet lines, bet level and coin value. Each setting will affect the cost of the overall bet per spin, so be sure to check this before playing. For example; with all 30 bet lines active, a 0.10 coin value at bet level 4 will cost 12.00 per spin (0.10 x 4 = 0.40 x 30 bet lines = 12.00). The Max Bet button will automatically set the number of paylines to 30 and bet level to 5. With this in mind, be sure to first set the coin value before you bet as the cost per spin will be 150 times the coin value displayed.

Numerous game settings can be adjusted to your personal taste with four icons on the bottom left of the screen. The spanner icon provides individual on/off options for ambient sound and sound effects. Overall volume is adjusted via the speaker icon and you can access a help menu by clicking the question mark. The Auto button allows you program a number of spins to run when you press Autoplay. There are also advanced options to stop the feature which can be customised.

To start spinning on Flowers video slot, click the green button with white arrows in the centre. Clicking the spin button again while the reels are still moving will execute a skill stop. You can use Autoplay if you don’t want to click for each spin of the wheel. 

Flowers Slot Tips

Flowers is a popular NetEnt Casino release that can be played at a number of top online casinos such as Slotty Vegas or Casino Luck for example. You won’t see it featured in any welcome offers and it is a poor choice for trying to meet the wagering requirements of a casino bonus. This is because more often than not you will be looking at a handful of low-key wins, with big wins quite hard to come by. However, when you do win big there can be some notable casino rewards, albeit not the kind of money that will change your life.

The wild symbols are highly active in this slot which does help to keep the smaller wins ticking over to some degree. However, you will need to be extremely lucky to get the 5 required for a jackpot and it is really hard to get the 4+ scatter symbols required to unlock a round of free spins. This is ideally what you need to stand a good chance of a sizeable return as wins are tripled and stacked wilds combine to make multiple winning paylines. It took us a while to get there but with 10 free spins we only managed to get a 915 coin payout. With this in mind, it’s clear that you need a bigger round of free spins to win a noteworthy prize.

Flowers - video slot

Is Flowers The Right Slot For You?

Flowers slot is a high variance game that will give the occasional mediocre return and every now and again reward you with a big win. The RTP is 96.3% which gives the casino a house edge of 3.7%. Because of the way this game plays, it’s best to approach this game with an expendable bankroll in the hope of winning a decent prize.

Excitement is built by a swell of sound when you are waiting for one more scatter symbol to initiate the free spins. However, the free spins round isn’t celebrated all that much considering how long it can take to unlock. A cloud flies onto the screen to tell you how many free spins you have won and the background switches to a nighttime sky lit up with fireflies. Other than that, there is little in the way of animations or anything to break up the gameplay. It’s not a game that has stunning graphics as the artwork is quite simplistic. But the dynamics of the game are quite clever and it’s very easy to play.

Anyone that is a fan of the musical feature film ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ is bound to enjoy this game. Flowers online slot is often under-appreciated but when approached with the right mindset, it holds it’s own among other high variance online slots.

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