South Park

South Park is a hilarious slot featuring the characters of the hit TV show of the same name. You’ll see Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan on the reels and join in some of their mischievous capers as they wreak havoc across town. The NetEnt slot features signature sound bites from the show and has an authentic backing track.

It’s loaded with cool features such as wilds, sticky wilds and ‘Ike’ wilds that trigger multipliers. There are four special bonus games – one for each of the main characters – and mini features for Terrance & Philip, Mr. Hankey and Cartman where additional wilds are randomly added to the reels.

It’s a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 25 fixed bet lines. There are 10 bet levels and coin values range from 0.01-0.50. This allows you to play from as little as 25p or as much as £125 per spin. You can win up to 1,250,000 coins on South Park which is equal to £625,000 when high rolling at the game’s maximum bet limits.

The reels are set against the snowy South Park bus stop with the kids all waiting to go to school. The music that plays is slower but remarkably similar to the original score by Primus. Each winning bet line that features one of the characters will spark a short animation with a quote from the show such as Cartman shouting ‘hot dog’ or Mr. Garrison proclaiming ‘I’m so happy.’

South Park - Paytable

How To Play South Park Slot

Understanding how slots work is always a good starting point before you spin the reels. Click ‘Paytable’ in the bottom left to see the values for each prize symbol and how each of the special features works.

You’ll see that Cartman is is worth 750 coins for 5 in a row on any bet line (bet level 1), making him the most valuable of the standard symbols. To make a winning combination, the symbols must appear in succession from the leftmost reel to right. To help you make winning combinations, regular wild symbols can appear on any of the reels. These substitute for all other symbols apart from bonus symbols.

There are four bonus games, each one triggered by a special character bonus symbol. You’ll need to get a bonus symbol on reels 3 and 4, as well as the character symbol on reel 5 to trigger the respective bonus game.

In the Cartman bonus game, you must search the bushes for hippies and spray them with a fire extinguisher to win coins. During this bonus game, you can double up winnings and even reset to search again while keeping the coins you have already won. Watch out for Officer Barbrady though, as if he sees you twice you’ll get busted and the bonus game will be over.

In the Kenny bonus game, you have to safely guide Kenny through three different types of zones. There is a zone where you win coins, one where you pick up multipliers and a danger zone where you must avoid accidents. In each zone, you can move Kenny into one of three positions to receive variable casino rewards or lose a life. Once you have used up all of Kenny’s lives, you will return to the base game.

In Stan bonus spins, Stan will go to kiss Wendy before his nerves kick in and he starts vomiting all over her. At this point, a sticky wild will be placed in the centre of reel 3 for 2 spins. Additional sticky wilds can appear and will also remain active for 2 spins. Once there are no more sticky wilds, the bonus spins game will be over.

There are 10 free spins in the Kyle bonus game where you must ‘kick the baby’ and reap the rewards. Each time an Ike wild spins in you’ll have a chance at winning either 500 coins, x10 multiplier, 50 coins, x2 multiplier or an additional 3 free spins.

On top of the bonus games, there are mini features. Terrance and Phillip can pop up at any time to place wilds anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4. Similarly, Mr. Hankey can place up to 5 wilds on reels 1, 3 and 5. The Cartman feature uses a block of 3×3 wilds known as the Beefcake Wild and can appear to cover reels 2-4 either entirely or partially.

Setting up the game is simple and as the bet lines are fixed, you’ll only have two adjustments to make. Use the + & – arrows to select your bet level and coin value. Bear in mind that the overall cost per spin will be affected by these settings and the number of bet lines. For example; a coin value of 0.02 at bet level 2 will cost 1.00 per spin (0.02 x 2 = 0.04 x 25 bet lines = 1.00). The Max Bet button should be used with caution. If clicked it will set the bet level to 10 and initiate a spin, so make sure your coin value is correct before pressing this. The cost per spin when using this button will be 250 times the current coin value.

Various user preferences can be altered by the four icons in the bottom left. The spanner allows you to activate the quick spin feature and change the quality of graphics, plus toggle the use of audio, intro screen and spacebar spinning. The overall volume is controlled by the speaker icon and the question mark opens up the help menu. You can also customise the auto spin feature to your desired settings.

To play South Park video slot, click the blue circle with arrows or use the auto spin feature if you don’t want to click for each spin of the reels. You can execute a skill stop by clicking the spin button again while the reels are still in motion.

South Park Slot Tips

South Park online slot is a hugely popular game that can be played at the likes of BetVictor Casino and Slotty Vegas, though you won’t be able to play it on mobile. It’s rarely used in any welcome packages and is not a good choice for trying to beat the wagering requirements of a casino bonus. This is because it’s a fairly risky slot with notable lean spells between wins. The returns in this game can be favourable but you will need to be high rolling at £125 per spin to get the maximum payout of £625,000.

The various bonus games on this slot tend to be equally rewarding. We had a fair amount of luck in the Cartman bonus and managed to spray quite a few hippies before being busted. The Stan bonus spins and Kyle bonus game can also be quite fruitful and you’ll get a nice bonus when one of the mini features appears. The Beefcake Wild has the potential to land you a big win, particularly if all 9 symbols on the central 3 reels are substituted.

South Park - Video Slot

Is South Park The Right Slot For Me?

South Park slot is a medium to high variance game that gives a good blend of risk and reward. The RTP is 96.7% which gives the casino a house edge of 3.3%. This is really good for an online slot and allows you to target South Park as a game to try and cop a decent win on over the long term. You’ll have some sessions which don’t pay out much but can just as easily hit a hot streak and pocket a stack of coins.

Anyone with a vague interest in the TV show is sure to love this slot. The graphics are a direct replica of what you would see on your screen and the characters each have their own catchphrases and mannerisms. The gameplay is truly enjoyable with plenty of bonus games to break things up and give this slot multiple dimensions over other games.

If you like what you see on South Park slot, then you’re bound to enjoy South Park: Reel Chaos which is the second installment by NetEnt slots and can also be played on mobile.

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